Career Management Workshops

Career Planning Tactics
Personal Skills Analysis
Effective Applications
Interview Techniques


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Career Planning Tactics

Find your way through the career planning maze
– how to plan your career?
– what do PhD graduates do?
– how to succeed in academia?
– what non-academic roles are there available?
– how do employers view PhDs?

Dates: Thursday 21 January 2016 (14:30-16:00)



Personal Skills Analysis

Find out more about yourself in this practical interactive session
– what skills you have?
– what motives and interests you?
-what environment suits you?
– how do these impact on career choice?
– what steps to take to plan your career?

Dates: Thursday 4 February 2016 (14:30-16:30)



Effective Applications

Get tips on CV writing and maximise your chance of success in job applications
– where to look for vacancies?
– how to market yourself effectively?
– how to write an academic CV?
– how effective your CV is?

Dates: Thursday 18 February 2016 (14:30-16:00)



Interview Techniques

Prepare yourself for interviews
– explore the purpose of an interview
– outline different interview formats
– what do employers want?
– how to present yourself effectively
– chance to practice

Dates: Thursday 3 March 2016 (14:30-16:00)